Martin Bashir: Brain Tumor Kept Me Away From Show

Brain Tumor Kept MSNBC Host Off Show

Martin Bashir was away from his MSNBC show on Friday because of health problems related to his brain tumor, he revealed over the weekend.

In 2008, Bashir was discovered to have a small growth in his pituitary gland. He still has it, though it appears to be under control. "I have a brain tumor," Bashir told Fishbowl DC when asked why he was missing from his MSNBC show on Friday. "It's fine but it causes a problem from time to time."

When the tumor was discovered in 2008, doctors advised that "no immediate action be taken," and planned to monitor the situation from month to month. At the time, ABC News said, "Bashir is feeling well as he continues to keep a full schedule anchoring and reporting for ABC News."

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