Martin Kessman, Overweight Man, Sues White Castle Because He Can't Fit In Seats

Overweight Man Sues White Castle Because He Can't Fit In Seats

A 290-pound man is suing the White Castle fast food chain because, he claims, their seats aren't built for a person of his size. Stock broker Martin Kessman took legal action last week, 2 years after complaining to the corporate office about the size of the stationary booths at White Castle's Nanuet, N.Y., location, Fox News reports.

According to the Kessman, White Castle responded with three “very condescending letters," each of which included a coupon for three free hamburgers, but "the cheese was extra," he notes in his lawsuit, according to the New York Post.

White Castle also sent Kessman plans for for how they were going to modify their booths, but no adjustments had been made as of last week.

Kessman's beef is unique to White Castle -- he claims to have no issue with seating at other fast-food establishments or on airplanes.