Martin Scorsese's Daughter Wraps His Christmas Gifts In Marvel Paper

Francesca Scorsese's prank could have turned "The Irishman" director into a raging bull.

Who knew that Francesca Scorsese could be an avenger?

The daughter of famed director Martin Scorsese hilariously teased her superhero-dissing pop by wrapping his Christmas presents in Marvel wrapping paper. On her Instagram Stories, she showed off rolls of the paper featuring Hulk, Captain America and Thor, plus a wrapped gift signed, “To: Dad, From: Francesca.”


“Look what I’m wrapping my dad’s xmas’s gifts in,” she wrote with a laugh-till-you-cry emoji.

Maybe it was a Thanos-like attempt to snap away the controversy.

Martin Scorsese recently sparked outrage when the 77-year-old filmmaking legend declared that Marvel movies were “not cinema” and likened them to theme parks. He later added in a New York Times essay that the superhero flicks threatened to destroy cinematic art and lacked “revelation, mystery or genuine emotional danger.”

Francesca Scorsese later shared another post on her Instagram Stories commenting on her gift-wrapping merriment:

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