Martin Sheen: 'I Adore' Obama, Celebs Shouldn't Criticize Him (VIDEO)


Perhaps it's sympathy, having (at least fictitiously) been in his position, or maybe he's just a political realist. Either way, "West Wing" star Martin Sheen isn't too keen on his fellow celebrities criticizing President Obama.

"Steady, steady. No," Sheen, who played embattled liberal President Bartlett on the hit NBC White House drama, says in an interview on Joy Behar's Headline News show set to air Tuesday. "You're talking about a very special man. I adore him, and I think he's doing a great job. He hasn't gotten a lot of help, but I think he's done a great job."

Behar name checked stars such as Matt Damon, who, once major supporters of President Obama, have criticized the President for not sticking to campaign promises. Damon in particular has done so on multiple occasions, including in a March interview with Piers Morgan of CNN.

Sheen, on the other hand, places the blame on corporate America.

"Have they focused on the real problem?" Sheen asks. "What about corporate America sharing some of its profits, investing back in the country. You know, they talk about patriotism. They're more interested in profits, you know? That's where the problem lies. It's corporate America, and they're the first person to talk about big business and regulations, and they're the first ones to come crawling to them, demanding to be rescued."

Damon has criticized Obama for "rolling over to Wall Street," while many other celebrities have appeared at Occupy Wall Street.

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