Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Says He's Been Permanently Banned From Twitter

Boo hoo.

Martin “Pharma Bro” Shkreli, who became notorious for boosting the price of a life-saving HIV drug from $13.50 to $750 per pill, said Twitter has permanently banned him.

Undaunted, the price-gouging former pharmaceutical executive boasted he was already up and running on at least two different accounts ―which were also quickly suspended.

On his Facebook page, Shkreli wrote:

Shkreli, 34, directed followers to switch to his new account @TrashyTheCat. When that one was taken down (”How dare they!” he responded on Facebook), he tried using @ShkreliMartin11, which was also quickly suspended.

Shkreli didn’t say why he was permanently blocked from the social media site, and Twitter hasn’t yet commented.

Shkreli is currently free on $5 million bail on charges that he ran an $11 million securities fraud scheme. He’s scheduled to begin trial in June.

In January, Twitter suspended Shkreli after he allegedly stalked married Teen Vogue journalist Lauren Duca on the site — and even posted a doctored photo of them cuddling together online.

“He’s an entitled creep and absolutely deserves to have his account suspended ― perhaps indefinitely,” Duca told BuzzFeed at the time.

Earlier this week, Shkreli was accused of leaking two tracks of Lil Wayne’s unreleased album “Carter V.” Shkreli claimed he bought a copy of the album last December and live-streamed the songs, TMZ reported, but they haven’t been authenticated as part of the new album. He released another track in a video late last year.

Shkreli also shared a portion of the single-copy Wu-Tang Clan album “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” online to fulfill a promise he made if Donald Trump won the presidency.

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