Martin Tremblay, Hockey Dad Who Tripped 13-Year-Old Player, Sentenced To 15 Days In Jail (VIDEO)

WATCH: Hockey Dad Nets Jail Time For Tripping Player

A Canadian youth league hockey coach who tripped a player in the handshake line got sent to the real-world penalty box: jail.

Martin Tremblay, whose act caused outrage when it was caught on a video and posted to YouTube, was sentenced Tuesday in Richmond, British Columbia, to 15 days in jail, the CBC reports.

Tremblay's lawyer, Robert Bellows, argued that his client was off his anti-depressants at the time and had suffered the "breakdown" of his marriage and loss of business revenue since the incident, according to the news outlet. But the unmoved judge, Patrick Chen, compared Tremblay's postgame goonery to a "cowardly sucker punch."

Tremblay was the volunteer coach of his son's team, which had just finished playing a match at the University of British Columbia in June. In the video above, Tremblay can be seen walking the postgame congratulations line, then sticking his foot out to upend the two opposing players.

It didn't help the cause of Tremblay -- who earlier had pleaded guilty to the assault -- that the 13-year-old boy he tripped broke his wrist, according to the Canadian Press.

"Chalk this up as a vote for hockey dads as the worst parents in sports," Deadspin quipped.

Reports of suspected coach-on-player attacks in youth sports are nothing new, however.

In October, a Utah football coach was arrested for allegedly knocking down an opposing 13-year-old player who was running for a touchdown. In April, a youth football coach in Hawaii was arrested after he was accused of hitting a 12-year-old opposing player in the head; the initial assault charge was later dropped.

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