Martina Hingis' Husband Says She Is A Serial Cheater: Report

Tennis star Martina Hingis: serial adulterer?

That's the claim her estranged husband Thibault Hutin, a French equestrian, is making. Late last week -- just before Hingis was inducted in the Tennis Hall Of Fame -- Hutin reportedly told Swiss newspaper SonntagsBlick that the sports star, who retired in 2007, had cheated on him several times throughout their two year marriage.

“A year after the wedding [...] we were supposed to meet in New York and I wanted to give her a surprise," he reportedly told the paper (via the London Evening Standard). “Upon arriving at the hotel room it was me that was surprised, because Martina was not alone.”

He continued: “Martina has a very personal conception of morality. She has always been like that; I think she has always been unfaithful to her boyfriends.”

But are the reports true? Only time will tell, and so far, Hingis has not responded to the accusations.

The pair married in December 2010 after a whirlwind romance.

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