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Oscars Recipe: 'The Artist' Not So Silent Martinis

This martini boasts a monochromatic strength that should take us straight back to 1927 Hollywood.
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An Oscars Best Picture inspired meal starts here.

These martinis pay respect to "The Artist"; the rumored front runner for this year's Best Picture.

The reason

To start with: the obvious. Like the film, it's black and white. This martini boasts a monochromatic strength that should take us straight back to 1927 Hollywood (and if you wanted to get perfectionist about it, you could try find a glass that fits 1.33:1 Academy perspective).

On to the contents: there's a depressive wallop of gin -- just the thing for when the pace of change makes you want to wallow in a corner. There's a whisper of French in the Cointreau that washes the glass. There's the sting of salt, care of the olives and the flakes on the rim.

But most of all, just like the talkies, this is a martini that's going to force you to make some noise -- because amongst the salt crust you'll also find sugared pop rocks.

With each sip they'll fizz and sparkle, shocking your tongue and encouraging your mouth to dance.*

So in order to get this Oscars party started, let's all take a big sip and make some noise in honor of this year's greatest novelty, almost-silent film.

(*BYO tap shoes and dashing Jack Russel for scene stealing effects).

The Artist Not-So-Silent Martinis : Makes 1

Equipment: one martini glass, one mixing glass, ice, spoon and a cocktail stick.


To crust the rim
1 tablespoon of popping candy
1 teaspoon of salt flakes
1 teaspoon of liquid glucose

For the martini
2 1/2 oz/ 70 ml gin
1 oz/ 30 ml Cointreau
3 black olives on a cocktail stick

Here's how we roll

1. Gloss the rim of the glass with a thin stripe of liquid glucose.

2. Combine the popping candy and salt on a dry plate. Rotate the rim of the glass through the pebbles to create a crust on the rim of the glass.

3. Carefully pour the Cointreau into the center of the glass (so as not to touch the popping candy) and swirl around.

4. Combine the gin with ice in a separate glass and stir to ensure it's well chilled. Strain the gin and pour carefully into the center of the martini glass.

5. Garnish with three black olives on a stick.

For illustrated step by step instructions go here.