Marty Golden, New York State Senator, Cancels Etiquette Workshop For Women Constituents

Under pressure from his chief political opponent, a state senator cancelled a taxpayer-funded event that purportedly would have taught his female constituents to behave in a more lady-like manner in the modern workplace.

New York state Sen. Marty Golden, a Republican, sent out a flyer this week inviting women in his Brooklyn-centered district "to Refresh [their] Business Etiquette and Social Protocol Skills" at a "Polish Professional" workshop later this month. The advertisement, which was provided to the blog of New York government publication City & State, offered session attendees the opportunity to learn about "handshakes and introductions," as well as "posture, deportment and the feminine presence."

Another description of the class on Golden's website said that attendees would be taught to "sit, stand and walk like a model" and "walk up and down a stair elegantly," according to City & State.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there was no mention of the etiquette class on Golden's website.

Golden's rival in his upcoming state Senate race, Democrat Andrew Gounardes, pounced on the seminar, criticizing Golden for the event's outdated nature.

“Tragically, this is Golden's idea of the 21st Century woman,” Gounardes' staffer Chris McCreight said in a statement Tuesday. “This just goes to show that Marty Golden just doesn’t get it -- either that or he lives in a cave and thinks 'Leave It to Beaver' is a new reality show.”

Golden spokesman John Quaglione initially defended the workshop to City & State, stating the event was aimed at helping young women become attractive candidates in a competitive job market.

Hours later, Quaglione issued a statement to The Huffington Post announcing Golden's office has "chosen not to hold" the "Polish Professional" workshop.