The Internet Wants Captain America To Get A Boyfriend

A super same-sex love for a superhero.

First Elsa, now Captain America.

On the heels of an Internet campaign to get "Frozen's" Queen Elsa a girlfriend in the upcoming sequel, there is a new hashtag asking Marvel to write a same-sex relationship for Captain America into the storyline of the films, Gay Star News reported.

The hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend began trending early Tuesday after fans shared their support for the idea. Many pointed out the palpable connection between Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and childhood friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).

“That wouldn’t be so bad,” he told Flickering Myth about the possibility of a love story. “It’s just never been part of my approach to the character. My subtext didn’t involve that dynamic. I think even with the first 'Captain America' film you see how drawn he is to Peggy Carter ... I thought I put all that in the final scene, but maybe I didn’t. Maybe I was just gazing at Sebastian [Stan] too much.”

Last year, "Captain America" director Joe Russo said that while he intends for Steve and Bucky's relationship to be more fraternal than sexual, he is open to the other ways viewers might see it.

“People have interpreted that relationship all kinds of ways, and it’s great to see people argue about it what that relationship means to them,” he said. “We will never define it as filmmakers, explicitly, but however people want to interpret it.”

Come on now.

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