Some Other Marvel Characters Didn't Survive Thanos, According To 'Deadpool 2' Cast

The "Deadpool 2" cast talks trolling "Avengers: Infinity War" and that finger snap.

There’s not a lot that could kill Deadpool, but apparently Josh Brolin as a big purple CGI sex symbol can.

HuffPost sat down with the “Deadpool 2” cast at San Diego Comic-Con in honor of the movie’s digital and DVD release and asked the actors if they thought their respective characters could have survived Thanos’ infamous finger snap ― the one that killed half the universe in “Avengers: Infinity War.”

After all, these are Marvel characters we’re talking about. And, with Disney’s deal for Fox, the franchise universes could theoretically be linked.

Colossus actor Stefan Kapičić was confident in his answer: He “definitely survived.”

But Ryan Reynolds was less optimistic about that.

Laughing, the actor quickly replied to Kapičić’s claim. “What? Please, you were the first to die,” he said. “Dishonorably, I might add.”

“No one could survive the Thanos snap,” he added.

“I could,” Domino actor Zazie Beetz interjected. And everyone agreed. Domino has the power of luck, so, if you’re not going to worry about someone, it’s probably her.

Though he doesn’t think Deadpool would make it, Reynolds seemed to have the last laugh. “I picture Thanos snapping menacingly to music like ‘West Side Story’ or something,” he said. “So for me it’s a weirder version.”

Karan Soni, who plays Dopinder, also thinks he’d have a good shot of making it.

“I feel like I’m pretty tight with [Josh Brolin], so I might survive. I think we bonded, bonded by the end of it. We DM each other a lot. I feel good about my odds,” he said.  

Thanos getting a DM from Dopinder like ... 

As upsetting as it is that Deadpool is a goner, it makes sense Thanos would want him out of the picture. After all, the masked antihero just keeps trolling him.

Long before Reynolds compared Thanos to a “West Side Story” character, the “Deadpool 2″ marketing team took a shot at the Mad Titan, showcasing a joke about him in the movie’s trailer and famously trolling Marvel’s #ThanosDemandsYourSilence letter with a similar letter of demands. 

The letter prompted “Infinity War” directors the Russo Brothers to reply with a gauntlet-covered middle finger. 

Reynolds admitted that he didn’t know exactly who came up with the gag, praising Fox’s marketing team in general.

“I mean everybody’s so inspired by the possibility of marketing a movie like this ― myself, [writer Rhett Reese], [writer Paul Wernick], we all sort of chip in, [director David Leitch]. We all kind of like chip in whatever we can to different viral pieces,” he said. “There’s just so many to do that no one person could possibly handle that kind of workload.” 

Either way, the “Deadpool 2” letter, he said, was an opportunity to “sort of shift in response to anything else that’s happening in the comic book world.” For example, “Avengers: Infinity War,” which he described as “a big moment in Marvel comic lore.”

“That’s going to be something that people remember for a long time,” he continued, “so it’s exciting to kind of be a part of that and follow that and have some fun with that at the same time.”

Thanos right now.

Also Thanos.

“DEADPOOL 2 SUPER DUPER $@%!#& CUT” is available on digital Aug. 7 and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-rayTM and DVD Aug. 21.



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