Marvel Might Be Getting Rid Of These Black Comic Titles Soon

Marvel Might Be Getting Rid Of These Black Comic Titles Soon
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Moon Girl is the smartest hero in the Marvel Universe.

Moon Girl is the smartest hero in the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Comics

It's no secret that Marvel has been having a few issues with their sales and their comments on diversity lately. Even after they tried to retract their statements, fans felt alienated and were left underwhelmed with Marvel and their seemingly progressive stance on diversity. While Ironheart and Black Panther seem to be safe right now, it’s frustrating to support Marvel when they introduce new protagonists of color and then they are canceled shortly after. They did this with Nighthawk and Moongirl is now at risk of being canceled. Is Marvel pulling a fast one and only using diversity and titles for profit or are they truly committed to creating stories and completing a universe with more inclusive heroes?

Captain America: Sam Wilson #21 sold 18,650 in April

Captain America: Sam Wilson #21 sold 18,650 in April

Marvel Comics

Cosmic Book News posted a Reddit thread that revealed the numbers of approximately 30 comics that might get canceled and it includes:

Sales for April's issue reveal 28 titles have sold less than 20K, which is right around the cancellation threshold number. Titles with an asterisk area already canceled as of July.

CA: Sam Wilson - #21 - 18,650

Gwenpool - #14 - 17,972

Captain Marvel - #4 - 17,893

US Avengers - #5 - 17,880

Ultimates 2 - #6 -17,350

Dr. Strange & Sorcerers Supreme - #7 - 16,887

Man-Thing - #3 - 16,199 [Mini]

Hawkeye - #5 - 16,031

Totally Awesome Hulk - #18 - 16,009

Spider-Man 2099 - #22 - 15,273

Elektra - #3 - 15,113*

Silver Surfer - #10 - 15,041

World Of Wakanda - #6 - 14,547*

Nova - #5 - 14,525*

Silk - #19 - 13,524*

Thunderbolts - #12 - 13,780*

Kingpin - #3 - 13,765*

Rocket Raccoon #5 - 13,373*

Power Man & Iron Fist #15 - 13,055*

Bullseye - #3 - 12,912 [Mini]

Star lord - #6 - 12,278*

Squirrel Girl - #19 - 11,074

Occupy Avengers - #6 - 10,296

Unstoppable Wasp - #4 - 9,780

Great Lakes Avengers - #7 - 8,370

Moon Girl and Devil Dino - #18 - 7,966

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat - #17 - 6,943*

Mosaic - #7 - 5,876*

On the fence:

Ms. Marvel - #17 - 20,881

World of Wakanda

World of Wakanda

Marvel Comics

Moon Girl is the latest addition to the Marvel Universe and she's the smartest. Yes, you read that correctly, a fourth-grader is smarter than Iron Man, Black Panther, and Professor X. Her name is Lunella Layfette and she's always going on an adventure with her dinosaur. She’s a tough black girl with afro puffs and an admirable sassy character that’s age appropriate. She goes toe-to-toe with Dr. Doom and the Hulk and they all have a high level of respect for her. Even Black Panther respects her opinion and point of views. Yes, she’s really that smart. There’s even a petition circulating to ask Marvel not to cancel Moon Girl and it’s at about 500 signatures now.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Marvel Comics

I’m also surprised that World of Wakanda is ending. With the high anticipation of Black Panther the movie next year, even with low sales, you would think they would continue the run to reach new readers. Authors Roxane Gay and Ta-Nehisi Coates are highlighting the fearless women of Wakanda in an extraordinary fashion, you know like real superheroes but Marvel insists on giving them the ax.



Marvel Comics

If you are tired of supporting companies that treat diversity like a trending topic on social media, I would advise you to seek more inclusive comics with indie creators. Indie creators are just as good and they actually care about their fanbase. If you are looking for black comics specifically, check out Peep Game Comix. They sell and feature black themed comics for children, teens, and adults.

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