'The Marvel's Mrs. Maisel' Flirts With Thanos In Adorable 'Avengers' Spoof

Rachel Brosnahan and James Corden team up for a kooky mashup and the host gets in another dig at "Cats."

Rachel Brosnahan’s “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” stand-up comedian character doesn’t just kill on stage. She can also hold her own in the Marvel Universe.

Watch her charm bad-guy Thanos while she admires his “rocks” in a hilarious “Late Late Show” parody of “The Avengers” called “The Marvel’s Mrs. Maisel.”

“Is there a Mrs. Thanos?” she coos in the bit, posted Tuesday.

Whatever Marvel has in store for its superheroes in the future, it better recruit Mrs. Maisel before she hits it big on the 1960s club circuit.

Corden, who plays the director of the spoof Marvel spinoff, managed to sneak in another diss of the film version flop of “Cats,” which he stars in. While boasting about his cred, he declared: “This film is my followup to ‘Cats.’ I have a reputation to live up to!”

Meow, James.

Watch the spoof above.

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