Original ‘Sleeping Beauty' Mary Costa Can’t Keep Up With Autograph Requests

It’s become "more than any one 'Princess' can possibly handle,” she told fans in an open letter.

Mary Costa, known for being the original voice of Disney's "Sleeping Beauty," released an open letter to express gratitude to her many fans just in time for her 86th birthday (April 5). 

In the letter, written with all the eloquence of a real princess, the singer and actress thanked her fans for their continued support. She also announced that she will no longer be answering requests for autographs by mail. 

"Continuing to attempt to answer the volume of autograph requests I regularly receive has become more than any one 'Princess' can possibly handle," she wrote. 

Costa explained that she'll still happily sign autographs when meeting fans in person at events, but in the meantime, she'll be focusing her efforts on working with kids, "sharing with new generations of dreamers the moral values and creative vision of my forever friend and mentor, Walt Disney." 

You can read her full letter below: 



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