Mary J. Blige Is Tired Of All The 'Hateration' Over Her Apple Music Ad

Mary J. Blige told us to STFU then deleted it. 😂😂😂

Mary J. Blige is tired of us dragging her for that Apple Music commercial.

Folks flooded the internet with memes, jokes and general confusion about the nine-time Grammy award-winner awkwardly serenading Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with a song about police violence in an ad for a new segment called “The 411” on Monday. MJB caught wind of the criticism and chimed in on Twitter. 

“EVERYBODY SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!!📢” she said in a tweet on Tuesday which HuffPost screenshot before it was deleted.

She went on to instruct her critics to “#takethat” and called them haters, crabs in a barrel and simpleminded ― all through hashtags.

<a href="" target="_blank">She said what she said</a>... then deleted it.&nbsp;
She said what she said... then deleted it. 

The last time Blige saw this much criticism over an ad was in 2012 when she stood atop a table in Burger King and sang about how tasty the flour tortilla holding together a crispy chicken wrap was. The commercial was pulled and Blige apologized to “everyone who was offended or thought that I would do something so disrespectful to our culture.” 

Though the ad for “The 411,” which airs September 30, probably won’t have the same fallout as the Burger King ad, Mary clearly doesn’t give a damn what any of us think.

Bet she laughed at those memes, though. 



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