Mary J. Blige Gave Viola Davis A Sew-In On TV And It Was Historic


Something monumental happened on Thursday night when Shonda Rhimes decided to bring the dancery to “How To Get Away With Murder.”

Mary J. Blige installed Viola Davis’ tracks.

Davis’ character, Annalise Keating, sat in Blige’s chair and had a real life black hair salon moment. While Blige laid Keating’s weave, the lawyer was clearly distracted by the scandalous situations in her life.

The ladies of the shop saw Keating was in a funk and they offered her a good old venting session about her friend with benefits, officer Nate.

One stylists, played by Paula Jai Parker, eagerly asked Keating if the relationship drama meant Keating was done with him, insinuating that she was next in line for his “fine ass.” Like clockwork, Blige chimed in and said, “Here she go, queen of thotland.”

In between relationship advice, the ladies let the jokes fly, calling each other “heifah” and “sloppy.”

The resident downtrodden bootlegger even made an appearance, busting in the shop with the latest DVDs. Of course, Parker ran him out with a broom. 

And we all died because this scene felt so familiar. It felt like home and, of course, the folks on Twitter discussed the scene’s realness.

But we still have questions: Were the bundles Brazilian or Virgin Remy? How long was Annalise in the shop before Mary actually started on her hair? Did Mary just start singing out of nowhere while she did her hair?

According to show writer Pete Nowalk, this won’t be MJB’s only appearance on the show, so we just may get those questions answered. *crosses fingers*



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