You've Probably Never Seen A Bridesmaid Dress Like Mary-Kate Olsen's

The bride asked the bridal party to wear florals.

Mary-Kate Olsen took a very eclectic approach to her bridesmaid style.

The Olsen twins were bridesmaids in their friend Cassie Coane’s wedding over the weekend at the Southwood estate along the Hudson River in New York, according to E! News. Photos from the event surfaced on social media, and it was hard to miss Mary-Kate’s choice of attire: a patterned, kimono-inspired frock with green mules and a flower crown.

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Coane, the creative director at watch company Gomelsky, reportedly asked the bridesmaids to wear florals on the big day, according to an Instagram post from bridesmaid Kyle Miller.

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The Olsens have worn atypical bridal party attire in the past. Back in February, the two were bridesmaids for their friend’s wedding in New Zealand and donned black dresses for the occasion. For a wedding in 2007 in Cabo San Lucas, they wore white gowns.

Floral-Printed Bridesmaid Dresses

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