Mary-Kate Olsen in 'Marie Claire': I Wouldn't Wish My Upbringing On Anyone (PHOTOS)

Mary-Kate Olsen covers the September issue of Marie Claire and in the interview she talks about her childhood on the 'Full House' set, dealing with her friend Heath Ledger's death and her clothing line 'The Row.' Here are some excerpts, read a longer preview here.

On growing up on television:
"I look at old photos of me, and I don't feel connected to them at all... I would never wish my upbringing on anyone." MK also calls herself and her sister Ashley "little monkey performers."

On her eating disorder:
"I think it's really important to be able to talk when something's wrong. I learned at a really young age that if you don't talk about it, it can drive you insane."

On her career:
"I still read scripts, and if something great comes along, that's great... but this is my day job. The Row is where I go every day."


See the rest of her cover shoot here.

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