Mary Lambert On Body Acceptance And 'Little Hacks' To Keep Perspective

Mary Lambert On Body Acceptance And 'Little Hacks' To Keep Perspective

Mary Lambert is an outspoken out advocate for LGBT rights and mental health awareness. The singer is also championing body love, but admits true body acceptance has taken her some time.

"I just had this revelation like two nights ago -- I was crying so hard because I realized I had so much work to do with feeling comfortable with myself," the Grammy-award winning singer told HuffPost in a Monday interview.

Over the course of her "six years of growth," Lambert felt "miserable," and went through "every diet possible" trying to change her plus-size body. Today, the songwriter's proud to be in a much happier space.

"I am now... so body positive and just about self-care," she said, pointing to a song titled "Body Love" in her repertoire.

Lambert said she still has days of insecurity and self-doubt, but recognizes that it's a process.

"I've only gotten to a place where I tolerate my body," she said. "Dang... I have so much work to do!"

The songstress shared a few "little hacks" she's developed along her road to body positivity. For instance, a way to reconnect with your body when your mind might be obscuring the view.

"I think a lot of us have some form of body dysmorphia... You're looking in the mirror and you're kind of disassociated in some way," she said. "I think a good reminder is to actually, physically touch yourself. 'Ah, okay, this is what my arm feels like. It's not what I'm mutating in my head. I'm not some sort of scary monster.'"

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