Mary Musselman, Elderly Woman With Dementia Jailed For Feeding Crows: Attorney


An 81-year-old woman diagnosed with both Alzheimer's and dementia is being held in jail because she was allegedly feeding crows.

Mary Musselman was arrested on Monday for allegedly leaving bread outside her home in central Florida to feed the birds.

This got her into trouble because she'd been in and out of jail since November for illegally feeding bears near her Sebring residence.

Her community was outraged when authorities arrested Musselman and held her without bond in January for allegedly leaving out bowls of dog food for bears. She remained behind bars for a week, the News Sun reported, and was released on the promise that she would no longer feed wild animals.

On Monday, the former middle school teacher was charged with feeding animals in opposition to the court order after officers checking on her allegedly found bread left out. Her lawyer, William Fletcher, told Fox 13 the bread was intended to feed crows.

Fletcher told the station that a medical evaluation has determined Musselman has Alzheimer's and dementia.

"I understand the court orders need to be obeyed. But this woman, she's mentally ill, judge," he told the court.

The judge ordered Musselman to be held in jail until a more complete mental evaluation can take place.

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