Actress Mary Steenburgen's Close Friendship With The Clintons Goes Way Back

“It’s been an extraordinary journey and I’m very proud of [Hillary]."

Actress Mary Steenburgen’s relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton stretches back decades, and with the presidential election right around the corner, the TV star is down to say she’s with her.

The “Last Man on Earth” star stopped by The Huffington Post on Monday and explained how she first met the Clintons when Bill was still the governor of Arkansas. 

Years ago, Steenburgen’s father, a retired train conductor, went to hear Bill speak to a crowd of retired railroad workers. He was listening intently when he heard Bill reference his daughter, who had just begun her acting career. 

“[Bill] goes, ‘And there’s a young woman in our community and she’s become an actor and it just shows you the kind of talent that’s out in Little Rock and North Little Rock and out in Arkansas,” Steenburgen said. 

Steenburgen’s father started to tear up and after Bill had finished his remarks, he approached her father and introduced himself. 

“And my dad said, ‘Well, I’m Maurice Steenburgen and if you’re gonna talk about my daughter that way, I think you oughta meet her,” the actress said. “And so my so-called Hollywood connection with Bill and Hillary Clinton came through my freight train conductor dad. And so we’ve been friends ever since.”

Since meeting Hillary 38 years ago, Steenburgen, who is an Arkansas native, said the now-Democratic party presidential nominee has totally changed her life in the way she has pushed the actress to get more involved in giving back. She hit the campaign trail with the candidate in 2008 and has advocated for Hillary this time around as well. 

“It’s been an extraordinary journey and I’m very proud of her. She’s a good soul,” Steenburgen said.  

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