Mary Steenburgen On The Double Standard That Exists In Hollywood

The actress talked about the unfair burden placed upon women.

With over three decades of Hollywood experience under her belt, Mary Steenburgen is no stranger to the pressures women face to look a certain way in the acting industry. The actress, who sat down with The Huffington Post to talk about her role on Fox’s “Last Man On Earth,” weighed in on the media’s high expectations of women as they grow older in the spotlight.

She told HuffPost’s Lauren Moraski that she was concerned about aging in such a critical industry when she was younger, but she ultimately realized these concerns shouldn’t consume her. 

“[Before,] I worried about this time in my life. So I’m 63 and I’m working more than I ever worked... A big part of it is just not letting [expectations] be your master in any way and not making that rule your life,” she said. 

While Steenburgen is able to be comfortable in her skin, she recognizes there is still an unfair burden placed upon aging women that men, oftentimes, don’t face to the same degree. 

“I’m not saying it’s easy and it’s definitely harder for women,” she continued. “Because there is definitely a double standard about gorgeous older men and it’s different for older women.” 

The actress added that she’s learned not to succumb to the self-doubt that can sometimes stem from her professional environment. 

“Because [Hollywood] is a town that can invite you to have all kinds of insecurities, and I won’t say I don’t have any, but I have really tried to leave my ego checked at the door as much as I can. And it’s a happier way to be in that town,” Steenburgen said.

Watch the full conversation below: 



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