Mary Trump Explains Why She Now Thinks Her Uncle May Run In 2024

Two developments point to a comeback bid for the White House from Donald Trump, said the former president's niece.

Mary Trump has changed her prediction about her uncle, Donald Trump, running for president again in 2024.

Trump’s niece — one of his most vocal critics — has repeatedly cast doubt on the idea of a comeback campaign. But two things now point to a possible run, she told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on Tuesday.

“I thought that (he wouldn’t run again) for a long time because he lost so badly to Joe Biden that I didn’t think that he’d ever want to put himself in a position of losing again,” said Mary Trump.

“And I think that would have been the case, if not for two things,” she continued.

Trump said her uncle “still seems to be getting away with everything, right?”

Second, the GOP “is trying to engineer a system in which the minority can come into power, because of all of these ... voter suppression bills that are being passed in every single state,” she said.

“So, If they are successful in … rigging the system even more in their favor and Donald gets the message that if he runs, he can’t lose … then I’m not so sure and that’s pretty depressing,” she added.

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