Mary Trump Warns What Her Uncle Will Put 'Considerable Energy' Into Post-Presidency

And it will be “terrible” for the United States, warned Donald Trump's niece.

Mary Trump doesn’t think her uncle, Donald Trump, will run for president again — despite his teasing this week of a 2024 campaign.

But the author and clinical psychologist — who released the tell-all memoir “Too Much and Never Enough” about her uncle in July ― doesn’t expect him to step away from politics altogether either.

Instead, Mary Trump thinks the outgoing president will “take the position of spoiler because he lost so decisively” to President-elect Joe Biden and “because he cannot bear the thought of losing.”

“He’s going to put considerable energy, as least as long as he’s able to, into delegitimizing Biden’s win and his administration,” she warned on Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.”

It would be “terrible” for the United States, she told host Chris Cuomo.

“At that point, we need to look at the Republicans in power and lay the blame at their feet at that point because they would be in a position to stop this insanity and thus far they seem not to be willing to do that because they know they need Donald’s base,” said Trump.

“The ReTrumplicans,” Cuomo responded.

Check out the full interview here:

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