Trump's Latest Boast Gets Brutal Fact-Check From His Own Niece

Mary Trump rips her "severely damaged" uncle.

Donald Trump again tried to boast about his intelligence, but at least one member of his family wasn’t buying it.

Mary Trump, a niece who has been highly critical of the former president, told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on Monday that her uncle is a “black hole of need.” He needs compliments to fill the void and yet he knows people are only telling him what he wants to hear.

“And also because he knows it isn’t true,” said Mary Trump, who is a psychologist. “He knows he’s a deeply unintelligent person. He knows that he’s severely damaged and has severe limitations so he’s always trying to fill a need that is unfillable.”

Over the weekend, Trump bragged about his intelligence as he explained how he once passed a test designed to detect cognitive decline. He also claimed genius runs in his family.

His niece didn’t buy that line of logic, either.

“I do find it fascinating that he thinks just because my uncle was a physicist and my grandfather was really good at using federal money to screw working people over that that somehow redounds to Donald’s intelligence,” she said.

Mary Trump is the second Trump insider to take issue with his intelligence claims. On Sunday, one-time personal attorney Michael Cohen wondered why the former president once made him warn his alma maters not to release his grades or test scores.

See Mary Trump’s full conversation on MSNBC below:

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