Mary-Kate's Makeout With Ben Kingsley Premieres At Sundance

I didn't think I'd live long enough to see Sir Ben Kingsley make out on screen with Mary-Kate Olsen, one-half of the "Full House" twins, but it's happened and there's no undoing it.

The scene in question takes place in a phone booth in New York City in 1994 in writer-director Jonathan Levine's excellent film, "The Wackness." The film wowed audiences on the first full day of the Sundance Film Festival on Friday.

I know -- it's a strange title, and nothing could be weirder than this pair hooking up, but Olsen is actually very ingratiating in a small role. And Kingsley gives an Oscar-caliber performance similar in some ways to his "Sexy Beast" work. Whichever studio wins the rights to "The Wackness" will have that going for them, too.

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