This Short Film Hilariously Examines Dangerous Expectations Of Masculinity Among Gay Men

And we have comedian Drew Droege to thank for writing it!

A compelling new short film explores how gay men impose expectations of masculinity on one another ― and the effects these behaviors have on femme-identified or femme-presenting gay men.

“Masc Only,” directed by comedian Drew Droege of “Chloe” fame and written by Tommy Do, takes an intimate look at the complicated friendships of gay men and the ways in which a gay men’s proximity to masculinity shapes and informs their experiences ― both sexually and platonically ― within the gay community.

“It’s interesting to see how the need to be masculine leaks from heteronormative culture into the gay community,” Do told HuffPost. “I know so many gay men who are so extra about proving to everyone that they’re masculine — from their Grindr profile to the friends they surround themselves with... It’s super annoying when people are unable to recognize their own baggage and it materializes in a way where everyone around them has to deal with their insecurities. It’s, like, girl, my bags are FULL and I am NOT paying overweight fees. Carry that shit yourself.”

Check out “Masc Only” above and head here to learn more about the film.

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