Mascara Application Tips To Prevent That Clumpy Look (PHOTOS)

It's all in the wand!

Are our eyes playing tricks on us? Spidery lashes are making a comeback. The thick, clumpy lash look that was made popular in the '60s and '70s by supermodel Twiggy has resurfaced.

"Once Upon a Time" actress Ginnifer Goodwin recently went mod on the red carpet with spidery eyelashes. Drew Barrymore kicked off her Flower Beauty "Tip Tuesday" series with a video explaining how to master clumpy lashes. And remember Lena Dunham's Sixties-inspired shoot for Entertainment Weekly? Loads of mascara! Yet we can't help but think about those instances when spider lashes aren't the actual appearance a woman was aiming for.

So we asked Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson ("global beauty authorities" and daughters/nieces of Benefit Cosmetics' twin founders Jean and Jane Ford) to clear up three common mistakes that might be causing those clumps... and application tips on how to avoid them:

Sign 1: You're wiggling the mascara brush horizontally.
You want your lashes to look incredibly long, but clumping actually gives them a shorter appearance because the focus is on the base of the lashes and not the tips. Pushing every lash up and fanning the wand outward is what really makes your eyelashes look false. (And that's a good thing!)

Sign 2: You're not taking advantage of the tip of the wand.
The tip of the wand helps to separate the lashes and prevent clumping. We like the phrase "Go Vertical!" because it really works to lengthen, separate and maximize curl. Or you could look for a mascara that has bristles on the top of the brush like They're Real! Mascara as it is perfect for that vertical application because the top tines (makeup speak for bristles) comb through individual lashes for a clump-free look.

Sign 3: You're using the wrong mascara formula.
A lightweight formula will help to avoid the "spider lash" look and also will hold the curl better. There are a lot of mascaras that give you too much formula on the brush which is a surefire way to get clumpy lashes.

Are you guilty of committing any of these mascara application sins? What's your secret to getting a clump-free look? Tell us in the comments section.

Just say NO to clumpy mascara:

Clumpy Mascara-Wearing Celebs

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