7 Mascara Tips To Get Your Longest Lashes Ever (VIDEO)

7 Mascara Tips To Get Your Longest Lashes Ever

Applying mascara should just be as simple as removing the wand from the tube and coating your eyelashes, right? But there is a technique to getting it right and getting the most out of your product.

In the video above, PopSugar Beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson shares seven mascara tips to get your longest lashes ever. And yes, you'll need to dig up an eyelash curler. Pressing the curler closely to the bases of lashes and gently curling upwards elongates your natural flutter.

Eyelashes still won't separate? A light dusting of translucent or face powder will help to define each and every single hair.

Before putting on your mascara, it's always best to remove excess off of the wand. Johnson points out that when it's completely saturated, this leads to clumps. Then hold the wand at the base of your lashes and wiggle upwards to build volume.

Watch the video above for more mascara tips, including the trick to getting in those tight corners and how to keep product from ending up on your eyelids.

Just say NO to clumpy mascara:

Kourtney Kardashian

Clumpy Mascara-Wearing Celebs

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