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This Kitchen Gadget Can Fix Your Lumpy Potatoes

And save Thanksgiving.

Lumpy mashed potatoes are a sad sight, but definitely not uncommon. And for big meals in which many dishes have to be tended to -- ahem, Thanksgiving -- this is an all-too-common occurrence. No one's to blame, but there might be a simple solution that could rid the world of lumps in mashed potatoes entirely. It's called the Masha. (Seriously.)

The Masha looks a whole lot like an immersion blender, but it is not. Immersion blenders will turn your potatoes into a gluey mess, but the Masha works with a more delicate touch, like an electric version of a potato ricer. Its polymer rotary blade pushes ingredients out through an outer mesh. Look:

While this certainly isn't a must-have gadget to get the Thanksgiving meal on the table, it could help. It will, however, set you back $39.99.

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