Mashable Down? Readers Report Problems Accessing Site (UPDATED)

UPDATE 3/12/2010: It appears Mashable's problems have been resolved and the site is operating normally.
UPDATE 9:36 PM ET: Mashable co-editor Ben Parr tells the Huffington Post with regard to the site's technical problems:

However, we'd like to be clear that Mashable is not down -- we are still operational and churning out posts as we always do. A vast majority of users have no problems accessing Mashable as well. However, a few people have reported issues accessing our website, and we are working with our technical team to root out the problem so that everyone can enjoy our articles.

Read his full statement in the comments section below.

Some users are still experiencing problems accessing the site, although, as Parr notes, Mashable is working to address the issue.


It seems Mashable has gone down!

Mashable co-editor Ben Parr tweeted an alert earlier this evening acknowledging the outage with the site:

Attn: We're aware that a few people are having trouble accessing Mashable today; we're working on the problem!

Users have also been tweeting about the problem:

@WayPsycho: So, if mashable shares the story about when/why facebook or twitter is down, who does it for Mashable when it is down

@jassigal: First #Twitter was down, now it seems @mashable may be too...? Thanks #SXSW!

muzik702: I wonder what crashed @mashable ? It has been down for a while now.

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