Big Bird Gives Us A Break From The Norm In Epic 'Summertime' Mashup

It's time to sit back and unwind.

Big Bird is here with a groove that’s slightly transformed.

The larger-than-life “Sesame Street” character raps along to DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s anthemic “Summertime” in a new mashup video going viral.

I really feel as if Big Bird is a perfect match for Will Smith,” said Adam Schleichkorn, who sliced up footage from the educational kids’ show to create the clip.

“I put a ton of thought into song choices and characters, so hopefully it comes across,” he wrote on his YouTube channel “isthishowyougoviral” Wednesday.

Check Big Bird’s efforts out in the clip above.

And see how it compares to the original music video of Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff’s 1991 classic here: