Useful Face Mask Accessories That Make Wearing One More Comfortable

Including mask extender straps, adhesive nose bridge wires and headbands that keep your mask in place.
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Wearing a face mask is a part of our everyday lives now, thanks to the pandemic. There have been many updated guidelines and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control over the past two years about which masks to wear and when and even how to wear them.

Through it all, we’ve tried to adapt and buy the necessary face masks — when we could find them — and even with these changes, one thing stayed the same: Wearing a mask comes with some discomforts and inconveniences sometimes, particularly if you have to wear them for multiple hours at a time.

Whether your mask is too loose, too tight, makes your glasses fog up or just gets in the way when you take it off to eat, these moments make us wish that a universally-fitting mask existed. Until then, though, there are some mask accessories you can buy to alleviate a few of these problems. We listed them below.

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A set of adhesive nose bridge wires
If you suffer from foggy glasses while wearing a mask, you'll definitely want to keep these nose strips on standby. They help your mask better seal on the bridge of your nose, preventing your breath from escaping and fogging up your lenses. This set comes with 100 adhesive aluminum strips that can be bent to the angle you need and then placed on your mask.
A pack of reusable mask brackets
These plastic brackets give you a little more breathing space inside your mask as they're designed for the triangular shape of your mouth, nose and chin. You can use them with surgical masks, N95, KN95 and cloth masks.
Some mask lanyards
When you're eating or are outdoors away from others, you need somewhere to store your mask that still keeps it easily accessible. That's where a mask lanyard comes in handy. This pack comes with 10 elastic lanyards made specifically for holding face masks. Each has lobster hooks to keep it in place.
A 4-pack of headbands with a button that'll give your ears a break
Though these stretchy headbands are primarily designed to wear with scrubs, they are useful to have even if you don't work in a healthcare setting. Each headband features sewn-on buttons that are made for hanging masks with ear loops, preventing your mask from pulling on your ears.
Some mask extender straps
If you find that your mask fits too loose, this extender strap aims to provide a tighter fit. Simply pull each mask string through the hooks on either side of the strap and use the buckle to adjust it to a comfortable fit. It works for surgical, N95 and KN95 masks.
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