'The Masked Singer' Unmasks Flower And She's A Legend In Full Bloom (Spoiler)

"I knew it!" host Nick Cannon said after the reveal on Fox's masquerade competition.

Bye, bud.

Flower had to say farewell after she lost on “The Masked Singer” Wednesday, revealing herself to be ...

Wait, we’ll get to that.

But we can tell you upfront she’s a true show business legend whose distinct voice earned many correct guesses about her identity from early on.

Her clues package featured two dudes playing patty-cake in the pool, and Flower holding up a cutout heart with “For Sale” written on it. Panelist Robin Thicke noted in the clip that only a handful of singers can hit the notes she hits. 

Flower sang “Alone” by Heart, and “Eye of the Tiger” without really disguising her voice.

But even her obvious chops (although her energy waned on “Eye of the Tiger”) couldn’t save her from elimination against Flamingo, Rottweiler and Leopard.

Then it came time for the reveal:

It was the Godmother of Soul and “Lady Marmalade” singer herself, Patti LaBelle.

Given her unmistakable vocals, nobody was pretending that her identity was a shocker.

“I knew it!” host Nick Cannon said, noting that LaBelle is the real godmother of his twins with ex Mariah Carey.

LaBelle, 75, said changing her delivery wasn’t an option.

“I can’t change my voice,” she said. “This is what God gave me. ... You all knew and I knew that you knew.”