'The Masked Singer' Unmasks Raven In A Soaring Surprise (Spoiler Alert)

Only panelist Robin Thicke correctly guessed who she was and didn't have to eat crow.

The Masked Singer” clipped the wings of the Raven on Wednesday, ousting her from the costumed singing competition. But that meant viewers of the Fox TV series got to see the mystery performer behind the mask.

The reveal surprised many ― but not panelist Robin Thicke, who correctly guessed Raven’s true identity.

The show did drop some obvious hints. Raven said in her clue package that she went “silent after making a career of talking to people.” That got panelists presuming she was a talk-show host.

Her physical clue, an Emmy, narrowed the possibilities.

She sang Sara Bareilles’ “Brave,” prompting a “very actor-y” comment from panelist Ken Jeong.

In the end, Raven got voted out of the competition, and it was time to display her true self.

It was Emmy-winning talk show host and “Hairspray” actress Ricki Lake.

“It’s been a ball,” she said after the unmasking.

Lake told reporters at Fox’s Television Critics Association tour Wednesday that she thought the clues were a “dead giveaway,” “Entertainment Tonight” reported, but Thicke was the only panelist on target.