Here Are 11 Things You Can Put In Mason Jars And Pass Off As Gifts (PHOTOS)

When you need something impersonal enough to give to a third-tier acquaintance but personal enough to pass as, well, personal, there's only one thing to do: PUT EVERYTHING IN A MASON JAR. Ta-da, gift. It's the most Pinterest-y thing to ever hit Pinterest and can obscure your inherent laziness for yet another Christmas season.

Here are all the things you can put in mason jars:

1. Christmas Cookies

2. Impersonal Gifts You Can't Use In The First Place


4. Vodka!

5. Manicure Stuff You Swore You'd Actually Use (But Look At Your Hands)

6. More Booze, Plus Some Hot Chocolate Mix

7. Random Ornaments

8. Popcorn

9. Needle & Thread

10. Matches

11. Beans

And here's even more stuff in mason jars...

Handmade Mason Jar Ideas