400+ Mason Jar Ideas For Crafts, Weddings, Flowers And More (PHOTOS)

The obsession with these old-timey basics continues.

Mason jars are the Cronuts of the Pinterest world -- an inescapable fad that's bordering on obsession. However, we're willing to bet the former has a bit more staying power, since there's seemingly no end to the mason jar ideas waiting to be repinned. We've rounded up a few of the best Pinterest boards where, with a click, you'll find some very creative new uses for this common item.

If you're planning a wedding... (via Chandra Frederick)

If you're looking for cool practical DIY ideas... (via Life After Laundry)

If you want to put everything in a jar... (via Amber Whitehead)

If you've been hoarding mason jars anyway... (via Clean Mama)

If you need somewhere to put a bouquet.. (via the appropriately-named Mason Jar Craft)

If you just really like mason jars and have no idea why... (via HuffPost Home)

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