Mason Jar Snow Globes Are This Season's Most Adorable DIY

Festive AND easy? Rejoice!

There are holiday DIY projects and then there are holiday DIY projects, those complicated, harder-than-they-looked-on-Pinterest undertakings that are more likely to leave you feeling frustrated and fresh out of curse words rather than basking in the joyful afterglow of accomplishment. Luckily, there is one rare decorative DIY activity that is both simple and utterly adorable: Mason jar snow globes.

These seasonal decorations are great to place around your home or to give as gifts -- and they are completely customizable, which makes them far more thoughtful and personal than their store-bought counterparts. All you need are a few key materials to really make the magic happen.


Large flake glitter

Fine shimmer glitter

Liquid glycerin (available at drug stores)

Clear-drying epoxy (available at home improvement stores)

Distilled water

Mason jar

Miniature figurines of your choice (ideally plastic or ceramic; metal will rust)


1. Remove the lid from a mason jar.

2. To adhere your miniatures, apply a thick squeeze of epoxy to the inside of the lid -- it should be high enough so that your miniatures would be above the rim of the lid once they are applied.

3. Then, apply more epoxy to the base of your miniatures and attach them to the epoxy base inside the lid.

4. Allow 24 hours to cure.

5. Combine the flake glitter and the shimmer glitter into a small bowl, and mix together.

6. Spoon a touch of glitter -- or more, if you'd like -- into the Mason jar.

7. Fill the jar with water, almost to the top.

8. Add a dropper full of liquid glycerin (this will make the glitter fall more slowly).

9. Carefully replace the (fully dried) lid and screw the band on tightly.


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