22 Ways To Store Your Life In A Mason Jar

Get ready.

Mason jars are more like life companions than designated kitchen items. If you already use them outside of all things cooking, but assume they're only good for holding a few pens, then you are sorely mistaken.

Seriously, your entire life basically fits in a mason jar. Pen holders are only the beginning, as you can see below. With a mason jar, you can store...

Your pens and pencils.
Soon-to-be-used cupcake wrappers.
Your matches
Your toothbrushes.
Your soap.
Your Q-Tips and cotton balls.
Your makeup brushes.
Your hair ties and chapstick (or anything else you label... getting the idea?)
Are you getting the point?
Your yarn.
Leftover paint.
Your paint brushes.
Your wooden spoons.
Your silverware.
More pencils.
Your cooking utensils.
Your herbs.
Nuts, kernels and other pantry items.
Lots of lettuce.
All spices everywhere.
Your lunch.
Your life.

Now we're hungry.

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