Mass Animal Deaths: The Creepiest Casualties Ever (PHOTOS)

Most Bizarre Mass Animal Deaths Ever: Puppy Suicide Bridge, Exploding Frogs, Hippo Anthrax & More

While it seems pretty creepy that thousands of dead birds are falling out of the sky, millions of dead fish are turning up, and tens of thousands of dead crabs are littering beaches, it turns out these aren't the only bizarre mass animal deaths that have occurred over the years.

In fact, compared to a doggie death bridge, exploding frogs, and the extinction of 50% of life on Earth, these past few weeks pale in comparison. We've listed a few of the creepiest mass animal deaths that have occurred throughout history. And the next time you hear of birds falling from the sky, just be grateful it's not raining frogs again.

Dogs Over The Bridge

Creepiest Mass Animal Deaths EVER

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