Massachusetts Marijuana Dispensaries Will Make Home Deliveries

Could the Pilgrims ever have imagined getting legal weed delivered right to their doorsteps? Probably not, but -- ding, dong! -- here it is.

When Massachusetts' first medical marijuana dispensaries open this summer, all of them are expected to offer home delivery services, the state's top marijuana official said Tuesday.

"We really wanted to ensure that patients had choice," said Karen van Unen, the Bay State's medical marijuana program director, per State House News Service. Van Unen added that officials actually encouraged the dispensaries to offer delivery services.

The Bay State's medical marijuana law, the result of a ballot initiative that won 63 percent of the vote in Nov. 2012, went into effect Jan. 1. The law allows sufferers of a range of debilitating medical conditions to possess up to 10 ounces of weed at a time.

The state handed out its first 20 dispensary licenses Jan. 31. The law requires every county to have such a dispensary.

Massachusetts will be one of only a handful of states where people can have marijuana legally delivered to their residences. Rhode Island, New Mexico and California also have laws that allow delivery. But legal marijuana sellers that make such deliveries are still few and far between.