Massachusetts Exit Polls For 2010 Senate Race: There Are None

Those seeking exit polls for the 2010 Massachusetts Senate Race will be disappointed to know there aren't any.

Mike Allen of Politico reports about the lack of exit polls:

The consortium scrambled to put something together -- for the "why," more than for the call -- but wasn't confident a reliable system could be built so fast."

Allen adds that just days ago the Boston Sunday Globe carried the headline, "Senate poll: Coakley up 15 points." Since the election wasn't expected to be close not long ago, some apparently thought the exit poll process wouldn't be needed.

Curious Americans aren't the only losers. John Fund of the Wall Street Journal writes in his blog that the missing exit polls are "disappointing journalists and political scientists alike."

Also on the matter, MSNBC anchor David Shuster tweeted: "No news organization is doing exit polls in Mass senate race today. Only numbers will be the election results themselves. Voting ends 8pm."

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