Massachusetts Man Finds $20,000 In Used Book, Searches For Rightful Owner

It’s stories like this one that truly restore our faith in humanity.

A Massachusetts man was shopping at a used book-swap in Wellesley, Mass. last month when he discovered a book with $20,000 hidden in its pages, CBS Boston reports. Rather than keep the cash for himself, the man is now trying to locate the money’s rightful owner.

“The first thing I was thinking was, ‘let me see if I can find a name in this book, then I can give back the money,’” the man told CBS Boston. “But unfortunately, I looked and could not find anything.”

Since he has chosen to keep his identity a secret, the man is asking anyone with any information on the book to email him at If he can’t find the book’s previous owner, he plans to donate some of the money to charity and keep the rest for himself.

The Massachusetts man isn’t the first person to make a startling discovery in a used book. In October, an Indiana librarian found a gun stashed inside a hollowed-out book that was donated to her library.

Large sums of cash seem to get lost more often than one might think.

In October, a Las Vegas cab driver found a black laptop case stuffed with $221,510, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. After returning the cash to the person who had won the money at a casino earlier, the cab driver was rewarded with a $2,000 tip.

And our list of lucky finds doesn't stop there. In May, an unemployed man found an original Picasso poster at a thrift shop and later sold the piece of artwork for $7,000. Last summer, an unemployed man discovered $150,000 in a duffle bag stashed in his backyard. He spent $10 of the money on cigarettes, and then returned the rest to the police.


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