Massachusetts Special Election Results: Ed Markey Beats Gabriel Gomez

Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) defeated Republican businessman Gabriel Gomez in the Massachusetts special election, projects The Associated Press.

The result has been predictable, as Markey has had a solid lead in the polls since winning the April 30 primary and Gomez has struggled to gain much traction in the traditionally Democratic state. Markey embraced national Democrats including President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton, while Gomez got little help from national Republicans, who are unpopular in the state.

"Thank you Massachusetts!" tweeted Markey. "I am deeply honored for the opportunity to serve you in the United States Senate."

The election featured low turnout, due to the unusual timing of in late June and the fact that the state is going through a heat wave.

Republicans had hoped that Gomez would replicate Scott Brown's upset in 2010; however, Gomez faced a much more determined Democratic party and a less favorable national climate.

The ascension of Sen. John Kerry to the position of Secretary of State created the vacancy, which has been temporarily filled by the appointment of Sen. Mo Cowan (D-Mass.).



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