You Want In On A Foodie Secret? Massage Your Kale.

Kale is a conundrum wrapped in a vegetable. If you want to be hip, you need to eat it, drink it, spritz it and love it in all of its various forms. But the leafy green has a lot of drawbacks: It can be bitter, fibrous and downright dreadful if you don't treat it well.

But you may have missed a secret that'll warm your green-juice-loving heart: Massage the kale.

A new video from America's Test Kitchen is urging vegetable lovers to treat their kale right if they're going to forgo juicing and turn it into a salad. It's pretty simple, actually.

All you have to do is remove the hard stem.

Slice the remaining leaf pieces into ribbons.

And slowly massage the kale for a minute or so (or up to five for curly or red kale), until it turns a deep velvety green.

The motions help break down the sturdy cell structure of the leaves, according to the kitchen's Bridget Lancaster.

Now get out there and give those leaves a massage, and if you're looking for recipes to use them in, take a look below.

Kale Salad Recipes