Massey CEO Blankenship Says His Critics Are 'Evil'

Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship is really upset that after years of neglect and safety violations led to a terrible tragedy in his Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia, someone might reform his industry in the hopes of reducing the possibility of other mass casualty explosions in mines. So he's speaking out about all of the terrible persecutions being visited upon his person, by people who are "evil!"

"I think about how evil people can be and how misplaced their priorities can be and unfortunate it is that people that can reach the level of senator or president or representative or head of the union - how wrong they can be," Blankenship said. "But I've seen a lot of it over my time."

Yes! Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and President Barack Obama's call for proper accountability is just straight up demonic.

Blankenship also took shots at Cecil Roberts, the president of the United Mine Workers, saying "It's really sad, because Cecil has no more idea what happened at [the Upper Big Branch mine] than I do." Which may be true! Still, it's only Blankenship's job to know what happened.

There seems to be something about these incompetent mine owners that makes them go in front of reporters to protest about how they are the real victims, of EVIL. Let's recall that when Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray found himself in a similar situation after a collapse in his Crandall Canyon mine killed six miners (a second collapse went on to claim the lives of three rescue workers), Murray told reporters that he was the victim of an "evil mountain" that was "alive."

Why won't the forces of Evil stop brutalizing our nation's beloved coal-baron scofflaws, who are the real victims here?

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