Massive 'Game Of Thrones' Leak Should Have HBO Freaking The Hell Out

Snow way ...

The wait is over, and HBO is likely losing its s**t. (Probably.)

The network has gone to great lengths to keep “Game of Thrones” under wraps since a major Season 5 leak had multiple unaired episodes hit the internet. In that time, HBO has taken more extensive security measures, including refraining from sending out screeners to the media.

But even a giant magic wall wouldn’t be able to stop the unrelenting leakers, and now it appears they’ve broken through. The entire Season 7 plot has supposedly landed on the internet.

HBO is probably all like:

Maybe, anyway.

Three weeks ago, it seemed ridiculous when Redditor awayforthelads posted spoilers for “Game of Thrones” Season 7 online. After all, we’ve seen leaks in the past that were obviously wrong once the season started.

Then, evidence started coming out that the leaks might be real. The account for awayforthelads was mysteriously deleted, and a recent spoiler reported by Watchers on the Wall seems to confirm a specific plot detail that Jon Snow would bring a wight to Westeros as proof that the White Walkers are coming.

If true, the leak completely spoils the major plot points of Season 7: Dany and Jon Snow end up “doing it” (Damn, Dany!), the Wall is coming down, Arya is killing Littlefinger, Jon is recognized as a Targaryen, and the White Walkers are going to take control of one of Dany’s dragons, just to name a few. (See them all here.)

HBO should be freaking the heck out, right? So why aren’t they?

When the Season 5 leaks came out, the network made a big hullabaloo about tracking down those responsible.

Well said, Cersei. HBO was ready to burn your cities to the ground!

But for Season 7, it’s mostly been quiet.

You know nothing about freakouts, HBO! Unless you just flipped the script on us:

Oh, shiz.

Actor Alexander Siddig, who played Prince Doran on the show, has already suggested that HBO was responsible for the Season 5 episode leaks. He thinks it was an inside job to build hype. And Watchers on the Wall, the site which reported the supposed wight scene that “confirmed” the recent leaks, even speculated HBO was trolling us after pictures showing Jon Snow on the beach with dragons hit the internet.

It’s also worth noting, as pointed out by Deadspin, that Redditor starkandlannister, who also claims to have insider Season 7 knowledge, refuted the leaks.

The Redditor also supports the HBO conspiracy theory, saying, “There is a possibility that the leaker knew some things but made up some of it. Maybe he only guessed some of it but guessed wrong. Or maybe he was someone who actually knew a lot of things but was intentionally trying to lead people the wrong way to hide some major events and surprises.”

Yeah, peeps. You can’t rule out the possibility that HBO is “leaking” information to throw us off. But if the leaks are legit, again, the White Walkers are getting a dragon.

In other words ...

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