These Real-Life Wonkas Are Making Chocolate Beer A Reality

If there's one thing that's better than chocolate or beer, it's this: chocolate and beer.

In other words, chocolate beer. Not a chocolate stout, but a non-alcoholic beer that's made out of chocolate.

It comes from Rick and Michael Mast, the bearded duo behind Mast Brothers, a New York-based chocolatier with flagships in Brooklyn and London.

The roasted and shelled cacao beans are cold-brewed for 24 hours in stainless-steel fermentation tanks, the same tanks used to make small-batch beer. But the only ingredients in Mast's chocolate beer are chocolate, CO2 and nitrogen, to carbonate the beverage and give it a frothy head.

Because it's non-alcoholic, it's great for kids of all ages to enjoy, and much like ginger beer or root beer, you can sauce it up with some grown-up ingredients, such as bourbon or rum.

Mast Brothers pour two varietals right now -- "Brooklyn Blend" and "Vanilla Smoke" -- but has plans to add two more. They're currently only available on tap at their factory in Brooklyn, but a rep for Mast Brothers told HuffPost they plan to bottle it sometime "down the road."

We're into this like Augustus Gloop in a chocolate river.

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