Help Terrence Howard and MasterCard Raise Four Million

This weekend, Terrence Howard filmed a PSA revealing the new 'Eat, Drink and Be Generous' MasterCard promotion for Stand Up To Cancer. I was able to do a quick phone interview with Terrence after he filmed the segment.
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This past weekend, actor Terrence Howard (Crash, August Rush) filmed a PSA that will air during the 2011 MLB All-Star Game today, revealing the new MasterCard promotion where every time cardholders use their card at restaurants (that includes coffee shops, etc.) they will make a penny donation to Stand Up To Cancer, up to $4 Million. The program 'Eat, Drink and Be Generous' will run from July 12 - September 30.

A donation to cancer research? Now that's priceless!

The campaign will include a public awareness spot featuring other Stand Up To Cancer volunteer ambassadors such as Ray Romano. The video will then re-run in MLB stadiums across the country throughout the baseball season too.

I was able to do a quick phone interview with Terrence after he filmed the segment.

You have been involved with Stand Up To Cancer since the first telethon in 2008. Why do support this particular cause?
Terrence Howard:
Well, my mother died of colorectal cancer and there is not one person who hasn't been affected by cancer in a major way. Now Mastercard and Stand Up to Cancer have teamed up and four million dollars can make a big impact on cancer research and eventually someone else doesn't have to loose their mother.

Besides your advocacy work, what else do you have coming up?
I have a film called Winnie coming out where I play Nelson Mandela and a film called Red Tails that George Lucas is doing.

I have to tell you that I really enjoyed your performance in The Brave One.
That just came on the other day and I watched it and was remembering how nervous I was working with Jodie Foster, but how well we worked together. Jodie is amazing. I was so pleased with that film.

In support of this initiative, MasterCard is also creating a social media experience where people can also upload photos of their priceless everyday moments onto Stand Up To Cancer's Facebook page. With every upload and "like" of their everyday moment by their communities, MasterCard will make an incremental donation to Stand Up To Cancer up to $100K above its $4 million commitment.

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