Mastering The No Makeup Makeup Look

Sometimes we just don't have time to go all out on our makeup, but we still want to leave the house feeling put together and presentable. These are days I like to call No Makeup Makeup Days. Days when my goal is to not really look like I'm wearing makeup at all. This can be hard to get right, so I've compiled some quick tips for mastering the look on your own. It's super simple and will keep you looking fresh, low maintenance, and super natural.

To get started, you'll just need a quality moisturizer, eye liner in brown or grey (no black for this look!), mascara, primer for your eyelids and another for the rest of your face, a lightweight foundation, concealer for blemishes, concealer that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone for your under eye area, four shades of blendable eye shadow in complementary nude tones (one for lid, crease, outer eye, and brow), a light blush (used sparingly!), a matte lip shade in light pink or coral, an eyebrow pencil for quickly shaping those eyebrows, an eyelash curler, and just a touch of bronzer. I also recommend a lightweight finishing powder to keep all that makeup in place.

And in terms of brushes, you'll just need an applicator brush for your foundation, one for your blush, a powder brush for bronzer, a thin angled liner brush for the darkest eye shadow shade and then three more in increasing size for each of the rest of the eye pallet colors, a blending brush, a smudge brush, a concealer brush, and a contour brush.

Additionally, you'll need shearing scissors, several gallons of water (this will take a while and you'll probably get thirsty), three triangulated mirrors for the necessary makeup application vantage points, and at least one man servant.

Also, for an extra boost of natural inner-glow, use a cream-based highlighter for the bridge of your nose and upper cheek bones--or just paint on a shitload of rainbow glitter.

And voila! There you have it, a fresh and simple no makeup makeup look. You also of course could actually just leave the house without makeup. But that would be insane.